> Arguably those two paragraphs are already well satisfied by oFono.
> oFono probably now has the advantage in terms of maturity and
> deployment, is compilable by a standard C compiler, and has a recent
> version packaged in Debian.

FSO is compilable with a standard C compiler as well. Every tarball release
we did has been shipping C files.

> The following may sound pointlessly controversial, but I don't intend it
> that way; I think it may help the FSO developers to review and
> understand more precisely their objectives.  Why is FSO still needed at
> all, given that oFono exists and appears to have the development
> mindshare and advantages noted above?  Would your objectives be achieved
> more quickly or easily by switching to oFono and contributing any needed
> additions to that?

Oh, FSO is so much more than oFono. If you want to compare, then compare oFono 
to fsogsmd alone.
As for the comparison between those two, well, fsogsmd was first, has (IMO, of 
a better architecture, a better API, and supports other modems. And there's no
agenda of a company behind – some people may view that as an advantage, rather
than a disadvantage.

I don't see why we should invest time in something we consider not being 



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