I am testing a 32GB card in my WikiReader.

This is a Class 4 card by SanDisk. The model number is SDSDQ-032G-AFFP. I paid less than US$20 for it.

It passed the calc.elf test, so I installed all of the English-language wikis listed on the update page at http://dev.thewikireader.com/language-packs/ (all eight of them). (BTW: Thanks to whomever just updated that page. Much easier to find things now. [But the German-language version of Project Gutenberg is still not listed].)

I've been using this card for a day or so now, and everything is working fine. Currently reading a book by Garrett Putman Serviss (an amazingly prophetic writer, easily the equal of Jules Verne and H. G. Wells.) I discovered him by hitting the Random button repeatedly.

Those eight collections occupy about 1/3 of this card. Plenty of space left for future expansion.

I have also recently tested a 16GB card. This one is a Class 4 card from Kingston, model SDC4/16GB (about $10). No problems with this card.

I have read somewhere the hypothesis that large-capacity SD cards sometimes misbehave because they can draw too much current from the power bus in these small devices. Therefore I do all my WikiReader testing with 1.2V rechargeable NiMH batteries instead of the standard 1.5V alkalines. While testing the 16GB card, I ran my batteries down (this took a long time!) until the total battery voltage was less than 2.1V; only then did the WikiReader start to malfunction. Thank you, Openmoko, for this marvelous little piece of engineering.

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