On 02/14/2013 02:05 PM, joerg Reisenweber wrote:
You Sir are a discgrace! A) you are the criminal as you deliberately admit. B) "We" never owned the sourcecode of the GSM stack and you know that (Paul explained to you in loving verbosity, a year or 2 ago). You also know that what Openmoko had access to (mostly the AT interpreter) plus much more is available as leaked source in internet since ages. "We" also granted access to what we had to many volunteers that didn't sound as lunatic and mad as you did - your fault. C) you threatened our engineers in private mail (one or 2 years ago), to a degree where anybody else would've sent the police and prosecuted you for blackmailing, that's been the point where I suggested nobody of OM answering your mails anymore. You think you're a badass? C'mon you have no idea what *we* do every day. To me you sound like a silly consequential angry child. Oh, anybody said "glamo"?
Thank you for details. I personally think that "news" itself is very funny. If we will take out all "revolution" shit and other pathetic we will have only one single message: he was able to compile leaked source of firmware for similar (not our) modem. I dont understand where is achievement and i would expect that anyone with basic compiler/linker knowledge and some free time will be able to repeat this.

It is also absolutely clear that distribution of this sources or firmware will be illegal, so it will not be possible to integrate in qtmoko or shr or any other open source product. It is also very clear that osmocom bb team did much more interesting job, because

1) their sources are not including this stolen code
2) they actually did much more then recompilation.
3) They already were able to run their code on GTA02 modem

Just my 2 cents.

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