On Wed, 2013-03-06 at 13:42 +0100, Fox Mulder wrote:
> Am 05.03.2013 18:43, schrieb Fox Mulder:
> > Am 05.03.2013 15:08, schrieb Neil Jerram:
> >> Fox Mulder <quakem...@gmx.net> writes:
> >>
> >>> Hi,
> >>>
> >>> is it possible to use my gta02 as a gps mouse for another computer?
> >>>
> >>> I got a cheap tablet without integrated gps and thought it would be
> >>> great, if i could use my gta02 as an external gps receiver and pair it
> >>> over bluetooth with my tablet. But therefor i need some special program
> >>> or script which i have to run on my gta02 that it acts as a standard
> >>> bluetooth gps mouse.
> >>>
> >>> So does anybody know a way to do this? :)
> >>
> >> Do you mean this?  http://www.handheldshell.com/software/bluetooth.php
> > 
> > I was looking exactly for this kind of script. :)
> > I will try it at the weekend and hopefully i get it working without too
> > much trouble. Thanks for the link.
> I couldn't wait and so i tried it today. I installed latest SHR 2012.7
> and revived my GTA02 for this test. :)
> But the first problem came up with bluetooth pairing because the
> mentioned "simple-agent" Python script in the wiki relies on some
> modules SHR doesn't have. It uses "from gi.repository import GObject"
> which i could solve when renaming it to "import gobject" (doesn't know
> if that works). But than it also uses "import bluezutils" which i can't
> find anywhere in the SHR repositories.
> So before i can test the BtGPS script i have to solve the problem of
> pairing my devices. The wiki states there are some other scripts for
> pairing but i can't find any. So does anybody know a way how to pair my
> GTA02 with another device with some script or program for SHR?
> Ciao,
>      Rainer
Hi Rainer,

I use bluetooth without pairing.

I have a laptop and a FR.
On the laptop i do:
rfcomm listen 1 2

And on the FR i do

rfcomm connect 1 "${BLUEMAC}"
And wait a while for /dev/rfcomm1 to come up.

Then i run on the laptop:
/usr/sbin/pppd nodetach /dev/rfcomm1 call bluerunner

where /etc/ppp/peers/bluerunner contains the ip address etc ( man pppd )

You can then start gpsd on the freerunner and use it as a networked gpsd
from the laptop.

I hope this setup will work for you too.
( i wrote a script around the commands, but this is basically how it

The lack of pairing also means a lack of encryption, you have to judge
the impact of that yourself.

Kind regards,

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