Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller писал 2013-08-24 17:31:

For me GTA04 is not usable as daily phone. It's now collecting dust in shelf.

1/ poor power management
2/ bugged reenumerating modem

GTA04 is good enough only in some situations. E.g. ok if i carry it to work where i can anytime charge it. When i am on bike 150km from home i must have reliable phone in case that the bike breaks up or in case that i need map.

I took GTA04 with 2 batteries and N900 on my bike trip this summer. I used N900 as a phone with SIM card. GTA04 was switched off - i just used it for GPS. But after 4 hours one battery was empty and second battery was 50% empty during one night in suspend. On the other hand N900 was working whole 4 days.
I used it for calls, for wifi in camps and in the end even for GPS.

That is something I still don't understand. From a power budget the modem is specified to have 3-10 mA in suspend while registered to a base station.

I have even verified this with an ampere-meter.

And there is only one potential deviation - if there is some
attenuation (e.g. wall)
there may be a situation where the modem receives the base station well and
tries to answer/register. But since the base station does not receive
it at all, it
tries with high power. In this case the modem current increases to 50-100 mA.

BTW: this is the same with almost all mobile devices.

So it must be something in the OMAP system and that is IMHO the same as the
N900 has... So pure kernel code.

BTW: this would not change by redesigning the GTA04 into a spare N900 case...

At that time, as the main developments are in the "care" of the common / production / communication problems, the community should try to implement the microkernel (eg arm port gnu / hurd) on the existing architecture GTA02/04, to see the resources consumption of core servers (to give chance new mobile platform based on open hardware stack).

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