Le lundi 18 novembre 2013 à 15:55 +0000, Peter Viskup a écrit :
> Hi all,
> I got Horde Groupware working for my domain already and am interested
> whether QTMoko does provide calendar which is able to sync via CalDav.
> If not, is there such calendar available in current SHR then?

Unfortunately, QtMoko don't have a caldav sync application (but you can code it 
if you have enough motivation ;)).

But, there's a solution to get caldav files and fill the QtMoko calendar
with it.

This solution is ics2qtcal [0] which is a PERL script to do that.
As it's a basic script, you'll need terminal or ssh to use it and it can't save 
your configurations.

I'm working on a graphical solution which is a GUI for ics2qtcal.
You can check my getcal project [1] which can save your settings and run 
ics2qtcal in background.

I've just compiled these 2 applications and made .deb packages [2],[3].

Unfortunately, I'm not able to test the packages, because I've neither
my Neo nor my GTA04 at home. So you can try them, but it's possible
there's bugs in packaging and/or in application.

I hope it can help you and I'll notify this list when I'll be able to test my 

[0] https://redmine.adorsaz.ch/projects/ics2qtcal_
[1] https://redmine.adorsaz.ch/projects/getcal_
[2] https://redmine.adorsaz.ch/projects/ics2qtcal_/files
[3] https://redmine.adorsaz.ch/projects/getcal_/documents

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