Am 22.11.2013 um 12:17 schrieb Dominic Walden:

> What are the likely power consumption improvements in the A5?

There are some power consumption related things planned:
1. separate the GPIOs to control power of RS232 and IrDA so that both can be 
switched off in suspend state - this should save another 3-5mA.
2. have a GPIO monitor if the modem is turned on/off
3. use a GPIO to control WiFi power and not an LDO (so we can switch off the 
4. replace compass and gyroscope by other chips that need less power

> Or is
> that mainly a software issue?

Yes, there appears to be still much in the software an it appears that the SoC 
is no completely powered down.

And what we are evaluating is the risk to swap the USB3322 (USB PHY) with a 
Texas instruments
recommended replacement. The problem is that we can't build a protoype to test 
other chip and installing either one has too tight space contraints.

> What will the relationship be between this and the Neo900? Will the
> Neo900 motherboard include some of the upgraded A5 components?

Depends. The Neo900 is a new design based on experiences from the GTA04
project, and we try to share some components. But the Neo900 is planned to be
compatible to the Fremantle software which needs to add some hardware that
the GTA04 simply does not need (e.g. a second audio codec).

> Good luck, I will be watching with interest (and might put some money
> down).


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