Am 22.11.2013 um 15:46 schrieb Pascal Gosselin:

> What about GPS specifications ?  My company would have interest in multiple 
> units if the GPS chip was capable of 5Hz or greater updates.  Recent GPS 
> chipsets all seem to have GPS/GLONASS capability, which is very nice to have.

I think we can not easily change to use something different than the WSG0084 
using a Sirf IV.
Unfortunately, the latest datasheet still isn't telling anything about the max. 
update rate and any updates in the firmware:

The problem of swapping in a different module is that we have to touch the pcb 
layout more than planned. And since the camera module is sitting above, we must 
take care that the replacement module has almost exactly the same dimensions. 
Finally, it must be easy to purchase it.

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