On Monday, December 16, 2013 04:11:20 AM Jorge wrote:

> Me too, jffs works but had to enable modem logging to get trough the pin
> screen.

There must be some timing problem. It can be quite tricky to debug it, because 
with logging it works and with debugging enabled it works too.

But with logging it seems to work well. I am now using GTA02 again as my 

My plan for v59 is:

1/ fix this problem 

2/ autosuspend issue (the phone dims screen but instead of suspend it wakes 

3/ implement better screen locking. Now if you lock screen and receive phone 
call the screen unlocks and never locks again. I'd like to have it locked once 
the call ends.

4/ maybe fix the wifi dialog

The last points are optional, we'll se how easy will they be.


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