> There must be some timing problem. It can be quite tricky to debug it,
> because with logging it works and with debugging enabled it works too.

Timing with the AT communications? Would that be the chat script?

> 3/ implement better screen locking. Now if you lock screen and receive phone
> call the screen unlocks and never locks again. I'd like to have it locked
> once the call ends.

That would be a nice one to fix. If I don't notice that I've received
a text message or call, I'll sometimes find later that the phone is
very warm and the battery nearly dead even though I haven't been using

> 4/ maybe fix the wifi dialog

It would be nice if it was sane. But even just ditching it and having
something simple, even trivial like OpenWRT's ewoc-cli script, would
be an improvement.


P.S. I've got my phone working again with v58. Apparently my kernel
hadn't flashed correctly. And like everyone else, I had to enable
logging to get past the number pad screen.

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