On Thu 19 December 2013 08:21:54 Radek Polak wrote:
> the update interval is now as often as uevents are comming from linux
> kernel.  You can enable logging->power management and check in log how
> often it is - i think it could be those 20s.
> > Is there a way of increasing the frequency, and making it work "in the
> > background" while the phone is in suspend?
> AFAIK the battery charge is updated even when phone is suspended - the chip
> in  battery does this.
> Maybe we could force QtMoko to read it immediately after leaving suspend.
> The  values should be fresh. I can check if it's easily doable.

Yes, the chip does "gapfree" battery monitoring in GTA02-battery. Since FIQ 
needed to read out the (bq27x00 chip in) battery is kinda heavy, it makes 
sense to not update it too often. Also battery doesn't change that fast to 
make sense when updating more frequently, actually I think 20s is pretty 
frequent already.
However an update cycle scheduled immediately after resume should be easily 
feasible and is the "right thing[TM]" to do :-)
Maybe an even smarter way to handle all related issues would be to trigger a 
battery chip readout and update the battery gauge display whenever the display 
becomes "visible" - X11 should be able to send an according signal, I think. 
This would as well support up-to-date displayed values after closing a 
fullscreen app and after unblanking the screen.

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