On 2014-02-19 14:40, Adrien Dorsaz wrote:

I've finally detected the issue of the mail reader in QtMoko : it
doesn't find the different parts of multi-part mail messages.
So it can displays one-part messages, but not multi-part messages.

I've began my investigations here :

Unfortunately, I'm stuck and I can't find how to fix the issue : the
mail browser seems to be correct, the mail storage seems good (database
is consistent and messages are well written on device), but it seems
that the same function of the mail storage can retrieve one-part
messages correctly, but not multi-part messages (data aren't fetched).

I'm stuck because the SQLite connection function is really cryptic for
me and I can't retrieve the "mailfile" information from the database
which I could use to force to create the mailmessage from the original

Could someone help me into debbuging the qtopiamail application ?

Hi Adrien,

Are you sure this is a storage problem, as opposed to a display problem? I've previously looked at some cases of failing to display multipart messages, and all the cases that I looked at were just display problems.

Here's my fix for one such case: https://github.com/radekp/qtmoko/commit/021826e12c09edaf806977bc79f810d54cd0e81d. If you review this, you'll see the code files that you (probably) need to look at improving further - I am sure that there are remaining multipart hierarchy cases to fix.

Also I might still have some work-in-progress here that I haven't considered ready for pushing to Radek - I'll check for that and let you know this evening.


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