On Thu 20 February 2014 12:05:00 Christoph Pulster wrote:
> Hi,
> @joerg: sorry we mis-communicate.

No we don't. Or at least I don't. ;-)

> I am not talking about tracking  
> (location of caller), 

me neither since that's absolutely trivial

> but identification of caller.

me too

> If I buy a mobile, name is registered and connected with IMEI.


> Using a Openmoko and changing IMEI with Michaels tool does make a "new"  
> device out of it. Logfiles cant be law prooven evident of my identity.

Sorry, that's a dangerous misconception. 
Again, just in case I still didn't manage to make it clear enough: there is 
nobody else but you on this earth calling those 3 phone numbers (unless you 
call numbers that are getting called by 0.5mio users per day).
Simply compare who called number A during last year, and who also called 
number B during last year already reduces number of individuals to max 10. 
Then check which of those 10 individuals doesn't use her/his old IMEI anymore 
and here you are: old IMEI linked to new fake IMEI. With only 2 calls done 
from your new SIM and IMEI to your wife and your mother (or any other 
arbitrary two "normal" phone numbers you called before). This will hold for 
evidence on any court, better than fingerprints.

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