On Thursday, February 20, 2014 08:38:35 PM Michael Spacefalcon wrote:

> I am also convinced that the *real* reason why "Openmoko = failure" in
> the general public's perception is precisely because of that NDA and
> no one having broken it during the years when it mattered the most.

That's your point of view. Point of view of a firmware hacker.

But there are other points of view. E.g. some people expect the phone ring 
when friends/wife/customer calls. I had many phones before and 2 phones after 
(N900 and now Jolla). None of them had any problems with SMS and telephony. 

Openmoko is different - they never provided SW for reliable phone. Openmoko 
never provided stable maintainable kernel - instead they wasted their time on 
doing 4 ugly unusable distros while at the time they had perfectly stable 
usable and working Qtopia.

And even 5 years after there is no good kernel for Freerunner. 2.6.29-rc seems 
quite stable but the patch against mainline is horrible, besides it's power 
management is worse then it could be. 2.6.39 has hardly nearly unreproducible 
problem with resume.

Now we have free firmware which is cool, but the usablity of the phone hasnt 
changed much.


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