On Friday, February 21, 2014 09:15:27 AM joerg Reisenweber wrote:

> > Openmoko is different - they never provided SW for reliable phone.
> > Openmoko never provided stable maintainable kernel - instead they wasted
> > their time on doing 4 ugly unusable distros while at the time they had
> > perfectly stable usable and working Qtopia.
> Granted, but then QTopia never been a "true linux" in my book. IIRC it had
> no X11, thus according to my definition of >my dream companion<

Running X11 apps with QTopia is technically possible. QtMoko supports this, 
although it could be much better integrated - but only because it was not a 
big priority for me.

> it's as
> useless as Sailfish is now, and android ever been. 

Well, IMO you should always start with something simple and working. I'd been 
happy if Freerunner was running from day 0 simple, reliable, power management 
friendly distro with "Accept call" and "Read SMS". Community does the rest.

> And do you suggest any
> of your other phones provided a "maintainable kernel" so far? I have some
> of them too and know a bit about their kernels, I don't think they are any
> better than what OM provided.

Right, 2.6.29-rc is probably good one - i cant recall if it's 100% perfect, 
but it could be. It was probably mistake to abandon it, since 2.6.3x have the 
suspend problems.

I recently patched it to work with recent debian and made QtMoko branch which 
works with it, but i never decided to completely revert to it, because:

1/ it eats battery more then 2.6.39
2/ there was so much energy put in making 2.6.39 working
3/ nearly impossible to apply any security patches


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