Am 02.04.2014 um 03:17 schrieb L. B.:

> Hi,
> I'd like to play with the compass but the info from the documentation page 
> does not correspond with what I got on my phone (using qtmoko v58). The page 
> I use is that one:
> In the 'compass' section there is a switch to enable/disable sampling. On my 
> phone there is a directory 
> /sys/bus/i2c/devices/i2c-2/2-001e/
> but there is no 'rate' file in there. Same applies for the gyroscope.
> Has anything been changed?

No. The kenrel doc is for the Goldelico kernels which were 2.6.32 some years 
ago and now reflect the drivers of 3.12 (ff).

QtMoko AFAIK uses a 3.7 kernel and since the /sys node names are not stable 
(and never will be) you might have to do a little guesswork and look into the 
3.7 kernel source code to find out how the driver works.

Hope this helps,

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