On 04/18/14 06:36, robin wrote:

unfortunately I the screen of my old GTA02 has stopped working (all white
  apart from a bit of pixel garbish at the bottom, also directly after
booting). Now I know that you can get a replacement for about 80EUR. Even
though this is still an option it is a bit expensive regarding the fact that
the phone is now 6years old. The phone itself still works as I can ssh into
QtMoko. So I have two questions

a) did anyone ever manage to connect the phone to some other type of newer
screen (eg to build an incar navigation system?)

b) if I ever wanted install something new, how would I proceed only with
ssh as a visual feedback (if at all): Qtmoko and SHR need the user to
calibrate the screen inbetween, so I don't know where they will get stuck
during installation.

Maybe you can share your ideas on what to do with such a device.

Many thanks and happy easter


Hi Robin,

You could use the freerunner as a SMS gateway, you don't need a screen for that.
That is something i use, i can send a text message and perform some action
(switching lights on or off )
Or have a text message send to my other phone if a long running job is done.

Any idea if the touch screen still works? you might be able to use it as a mp3 player, or alarm clock if it does.

Or use it as a gps tracking device.

If you like none of the ideas, you could also donate it to the community, perhaps someone can use it as a base for a gta04.

Kind regards,

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