On Tue 17 June 2014 20:43:43 Robert 'Bobby' Zenz wrote:
> Was thinking about it, but I dislike such small keyboards. To be
> honest, I'd need to try the keyboard of the N900 to know if I'd like it
> or not and if I can use it or not. On my GTA02 I'm using the stylus
> that came with it and the docked keyboard.
> Well, touchscreen keyboards never really worked for me when not using a
> stylus.

Seems you could do all this on GTA04 as well as Neo900, too. Except for one 
negligible difference: Neo900 comes with stylus built-in ;-)

N(eo)900 hw kbd is commonly considered one of the really good small keyboards. 
Ryan Abel (GeneralAntilles) once did an IRC live report from/about a 
conference talk, where he typed on N900 faster than I can type on a standard 
keyboard. It was really impressive and a proof that N900 hw kbd can't be 
_that_ bad. You might be able to find that event in 


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