On 06/22/2014 02:15 PM, Ed Kapitein wrote:

Some of the reasons to build a phone myself were:

-1 because you can ;-)
-2 the pi is made in large quantities and has a big community.
-3 up-to-date kernel
-4 huge collection of programs in the raspbian repository.

I hope it inspires someone to build a better model, smaller and with a better battery life.

Interesting. BTW, i would recommends to use any recent 3G modem instead of Arduino gsm shield. Some pros and cons:

1. Cheaper (you can find one for something like 5-15USD on local auctions)
2. Supports recent data (HDSPA+, etc.) connectivity as well as SMS and
3. Voice functionality already integrated with Asterisk (chan_dongle),
   so easy to integrate with any VoIP software and hardware
4. Can be unplugged any time and used as 3G dongle if needed :)

I am using this configuration (raspberry + chan_dongle + modem) as outgoing gateway to the mobile network. If i need this dongle as backup ISP connection i am just unplugging it and all traffic goes via backup SIP link :)

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