there appears to be a new initiative which is taking all our values (openness, 
freedom, community development, ) and casting it into a new name:


"The most common answer to that is that no other product is currently 
attempting to solve the problem as Indie Phone. That problem is how to empower 
mere mortals to own their own data. This is why we are crafting a beautiful 
experience that seamlessly combines hardware, software, and services, to create 
a consumer smartphone to compete with the likes of iPhone and Nexus."

e.g. compare to:


"You are the owner:
        • Be independent from big players.
        • Make the system transparent, not the user.
        • Keep control over your data."

Their claim that "there is no other product" appears to be completely ignoring 
all our efforts of the past years. And I am not aware of any relation with us.
They even copied to use the word "indie/independent".

Does anyone know more about that?


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