On Wed, Jan 7, 2015 at 4:08 AM, Paul Wise <pa...@bonedaddy.net> wrote:
> The log confirms that QtMoko is definitely looking for the GMT-34 timezone.
> Looking at the QtMoko source code, +CTZV is an "Unsolicited result
> code for time zone change events".
> Your operator's CTZV value is 136.

I also noticed this in his log file.

Just 'blindly' dividing 136 by 34 gives me 4, that gives me the
impression that is indeed 'offset in quarters of an hour from UTC',
and that this value gives 34...

This helps not in the slightest, but it makes 'sense' in the sense
that 136 would lead to 34...

Christ van Willegen
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