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> Hi,
> Thanks for this great follow-up! I have one question:
> On Fri, Feb 13, 2015 at 5:24 PM, Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller
> <> wrote:
>> And yes, this funding campaign runs very slowly. Since it is a very special 
>> product
>> for a very special target group. Only GTA02 (and GTA01) owners have benefit
>> from it.
> What about case kits? I remember there was some effort to make it
> possible to replace old GTA02 parts with easier to obtain equivalents,
> so using GTA04 board in self-made case (like 3D printed one) would be
> possible. What's the situation right now?

To go into detail the situation is this:

In addition to the naked motherboard these parts from a GTA01/02 are reused:
a) case (3 black plastic parts plus white speaker box)
b) vibramotor
c) earpiece speaker
d) handsfree/music speaker(s)
e) display panel
f) battery
g) GSM antenna
h) active GPS antenna module

Replacements are
a) there are several STL designs available, even a wooden case looks feasible.
b) we will solder a small(er) vibramotor on the GTA04A5 board, so that it does 
not longer need to be reused.
c) here, we did have a replacement but it is now end of life. We have a 
supplier and catalog for other replacements.
d) they were easily available at Mouser until last summer. So we just have ~25 
pieces left over [1]. But it could be possible to find them on Alibaba.
e) here we have ca. 60 units [2] - and no idea if anyone has stock for more.
f) we still have some stock and maybe other of the well known Openmoko 
distributors as well.
g) here we want to offer a replacement (similar to the green “cucumber” in the 
photo [3]).
h) there are several GPS modules to choose from.

So in summary, we already offer some of the required components and will offer 
But three key components (battery, handsfree speakers and display) are limited 
and w/o good replacments.


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