> Interesting.
> Makes me curious why you both spend money on that one instead of e.g. the 
> GTA04A5?
> Any answer is valid - and no need to be politeā€¦
> I am just curious to understand how people think and decide such things in 
> March 2015.
> BR,
> Nikolaus

Hi Nikolaus,

A couple of things made me decide to buy the ubuntu phone.

-1 The price. for me it is afordable at 170 euro vs +/- 600 euro for a
neo900 and slightly less for the GTA04A5

-2 The device is in "mass" production, compared to the volumes of GTA04
or neo900

-3 Development is done by a huge team, with a long track record in

-4 Using old components from the GTA02 to build a GTA04 will get me a
"new" phone with and 8 year old screen, 8 year old battery, 8 year old
case etc.

But i really appreciate what all members from the gta02 community have
done in the past and are still doing today!

Big thanks from me.

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