Hello Om community,

I am overjoyed to announce that the original PCB layout files for
Openmoko GTA02 have been located and published.  I asked Sean M-P
about them in mid-February and he quickly replied that he had no
problem with releasing them, but actually *finding* a surviving copy
took a bit longer.  Finally, early this morning I received a big ZIP
from Sean, and the files are now on my "GSM mini-Wikileaks central"
FTP site:


The first is the original package from Sean (183 MiB, contains all
design files for GTA02 A1 through A6 plus BT and WLAN add-ons); the
2nd is a smaller package (11 MiB) containing just the GTA02-MB-A6 PCB
layout in original PADS, Gerber and PDF formats.

Hopefully Joerg or someone else with an account on people.openmoko.org
can mirror the files there as well.

This exciting development eliminates the need for the very expensive
reverse engineering option I've been considering for the past two
months.  I and my PCB layout partner will now start working on our own
standalone GSM modem module design based on Om's: most of the design
will stay the same, but Om-added 0R resistors at R1003 and R1004 will
be eliminated (I believe they were the real cause of the infamous bug
#1024), the triband RFFE will be replaced with a quadband one, I'll
use a higher capacity flash+pSRAM chip (fits the same footprint) and
the module will be standalone, powered by a lab bench power supply
emulating the battery, with both Calypso UARTs brought out on headers,
plus an on-board SIM socket and a female SMA for the antenna.

Viva la Revolucion,

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