going to start it. (:

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Am 23.02.2018 um 12:28 schrieb Norayr Chilingarian <>:

I would prefer it to be on github.

Though usually I am the one who supports decentralization, but here are some 

* github is a public place, where it is much more probable that your project 
can be discovered by the people who potentially can get involved, even if they 
did not know about the project before.

(many different ways - accidentally, or by following your friends' "likes", or 
by search, or by other means)

* github stimulates people to fork/make pull requests, this work is public, and 
it increases people's social status, when they contribute to the project on the 
public place, where it is noticeable by their community.

On the contrary, by keeping the separate, even public git tree, the chances to 
be discovored and contributed to are much lower.

Your wish is already fulfilled...

It is also (mirrored) on github:

And the page lists it in the "URL" 
section as

Hope this helps.


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Sent again due to 40k message limit on this list...

     Anfang der weitergeleiteten Nachricht:
Von: "H. Nikolaus Schaller" <>
Betreff: [Gta04-owner] QtMoko: a dream comes true :)
Datum: 21. Februar 2018 um 20:53:12 MEZ
An: Tinkerphones Community <>, List for
communicating with real GTA04 owners <>
Kopie: List for Openmoko community discussion
Antwort an: List for communicating with real GTA04 owners
Hi,I am happy to announce that after years of
abandonment and obsolescence, QtMoko is back in
maintained mode.
After several failed attempts, we now have a git
tree and a build system where we can apply
modifications and accept patches. And we
need testers :)
Currently, we have a Wheezy and a Jessie based
(different git branches) and both run on the
GTA04(A3, A4, A5) with latest Letux kernels.
Basically QtMoko also starts and runs on the Pyra,
but there is nothing to see on the display yet.
It simply remains black...
Here are the key resources:
Project Home: - also for
reporting issues
- look for *-qtmoko.tbz
Install on µSD: DEV=/dev/sdb ./makesd qtmoko - to install a Jessie
based system
Letux-Debian: apt-get install letux-qtmoko - to install if you have
installed a different Letux system
Here are screen photos of QtMoko/Jessie/Kernel-4.15.2
running on a GTA04:
<pictures do not go through>

     Some things are not yet working and missing and
some Apps crash after starting, but we are just at
the beginning to be able to fix things.
Of course our little team can't do all that alone.
We need you and the broader community to help with
coding, testing or simply donations if you appreciate
our effort:
BR and thanks,
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