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> > Am 21.09.2016 um 22:59 schrieb Paul Bryan <>:
> I can't find many details about this little board.

It is the OMAP5 CPU (Dual Core Cortex A15) board designed for the Pyra
Handheld, but offered separately.

The special thing is that it is not only a replacement part, but gets
support by an evaluation version that can be operated stand-alone.

And a blueprint design file (EAGLE) will be available with proper
placement of the connectors for some to-be-designed motherboard. For
simple applications a 2-layer board will suffice and 4-layers should be
enough for everything.

> I think it has a lot of potential. Are there any specs on this?

Yes, here is a rough one:

        • Dimensions: 33 x 81 mm
        • 2.4 mm thickness (components on one side only!)
        • OMAP5432AAN (1.5 GHz Dual Core Cortex A15)
        • Power management (TWL6037)
        • Audio (TWL6040)
        • 2 GB DDR3 RAM
        • eMMC
        • USB3503 USB hub
        • 2x100 pin B2B connector and 1x20pin
        • Interfaces
                • 1x USB3 OTG
                • 3x USB2
                • 1x SATA
                • 1x MIPI
                • 1x HDMI
                • 1x CSI (2 lane)
                • 4x I2C
                • nx McBSP
                • nx SPI
                • nx GPIO (McBSP and SPI can also be used)
                • RGB display (by muxing GPIOs and other signals)
                • 3.2 - 4.2V VSYS input
                • 3x MMC (bus width 4 bit, 1.8/3.3V)
                • 1x SDIO (1.8V)
                • regulated 1V8 output
                • Audio interface for: headset with mic, 2 handsfree
speakers, microphone
                • ...
        • EVAL version adds: 2 µSD slots, 1x µUSB for power and FT232
console, 2 LEDs, 4 buttons, 5.5mm total thickness
        • Letux kernel support:

> > Will there be additional boards available when the Pyra goes to full
manufacturing run?

Yes, they will be diverted from Pyra mass production.
So availability is strongly connected.


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