Thanks Mazhar,

Recently a couple of annotators have had to take a step back from the
project in order to focus on their own studies and degrees. However, new
volunteer annotators are joining all the time, and with the ever-increasing
number of people using the website, I'm quite confident about the upcoming
accuracy and depth of grammar information on the website.

-- Kais
On Fri, Jan 29, 2010 at 3:46 PM, Mazhar Anwar Nurani

>   Assalamo Alaikum, Kais
> Thanks for your kind words. InshaAllah I will remain available to suggest
> corrections wherever I find omissions. Recently I noticed about a dozen more
> but since Board is off, I could not post them. I will Inshallah do it when
> website board is on.
> Regards,
> Mazhar A. Nurani.
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> Subject: Thank you for your recent corrections to the Quranic Arabic Corpus
> To: "Mazhar Anwar Nurani" <>
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> Date: Friday, January 29, 2010, 4:09 AM
> Assalamu Alaykum Mazhar,
> I wanted to write to you personally and thank you for your recent
> corrections. I have nearly completed a review of all 1,947 open
> messages on the message board. Many of these corrections were
> suggested by yourself. This review is part of a new version of the
> website - version 0.2 - hopefully to be released over the next few
> days. As well as these corrections, the new version of the website
> will also feature a more secure login process for posting new
> messages.
> Your help is most appreciated. The Quranic Arabic corpus is well on
> its way to attracting thousands of visitors per day, the majority of
> whom use the website as a study and research resource for learning
> more about the Quran and about Arabic grammar. As such, the
> improvements to accuracy you have been helping with are most welcome,
> especially as all of this has been done on a volunteer basis.
> We hopefully look forward to your seeing your continued help on
> corrections to the grammar of the Quran, should you have any more time
> during this year for the project.
> Thanks again for all your corrections, many of these have been
> accepted and the corrected annotation will soon appear on the new
> version of the website. Please note that when the new version of the
> website is released, there will still be some open
> messages remaining on the message board. This does not mean that any
> remaining suggestions have been ignored. Any open messages left on the
> message board have not been included in the latest version of the
> corpus, because they are still up for discussion. Examples suggestions
> issues related to translation, and words that may require more
> detailed discussion with regards to tagging, or even some suggestions
> that require new features to be added to the website. However, the
> majority of suggestions will be included in the new version of the
> website, following completion of the message board review.
> Kind Regards,
> -- Kais Dukes
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