Assalamo Alaikom,

I sent the incorrect version earlier today, that one was directed to the
local students. Here is a more generic information about the conference.

Sorry for posting this again

ILLS2 (Illinois Language and Linguistics Society)
Abstract submission Date: February 28th, 2010
Location:  Champaign, IL, USA
Start Date:  28-May-2010 - 30-May-2010
Description:  ILLS2 (28-30 May 2010) is a student conference at the
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The theme for this year's
conference is Novel Technologies and Methodologies in Linguistics Research
although abstract submissions are welcome for any topic in linguistics. The
purpose of this theme is to inspire ideas and create enthusiasm for the ways
in which we pursue research in Linguistics. Talks will involve the creation
of new tools for Linguistic research, the novel use of old tools,
experimental methods, studies of validity or authenticity, and, otherwise,
studies that cause reflection in Linguistic research.

Talks will be streamed online and remote presentations are accepted.

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