Salamu Alaykum Mashhood,

We have received many requests for offline downloadable software, and
also for a printed version of the Quranic Arabic Corpus as some sort
of color-coded grammar book for the Quran. I think it's a great idea
that you want to produce a free printed copy of the Quran with color
coded parts-of-speech, i.e. exactly what we do on the Quranic Arabic
Corpus website at the moment. However, I'm afraid that I don't easily
have available any software for you to do this, and that at the moment
the best way to view to the Quranic Arabic Corpus is online throug the
website (

The reason is that all software behind the Quran Arabic Corpus was
produced as part of the project within the School of Computing, at the
University of Leeds. It is custom software created by computer
programmers, and not something easily reused at present without
computer programming experience. However, a standalone tool or other
desktop software might be available some time in the future as a
further stage of the project, but nothing is planned at present.

You may also find the following previous posts to the mail discussion
group relevant, as these provide more background information and
further explanation:

(1) Why is there no software download for the Quranic Arabic Corpus?

(2) Why is there no offline version of the Quranic Arabic Corpus?

(3) Dependency Graph Visualization

With regards to Mazhar Nurani, you are indeed correct that Mazhar is a
volunteer annotator with the Quranic Arabic Corpus, and he has been
very helpful in assisting with making this Quran research project as
accurate as possible. However, I apologize that I can not give out
email addresses for members of this mailing list, if they are not
already public via the internet (e.g. University research home pages,
etc). As such, I am afraid I will have to decline your second request.
But, I have forwarded your e-mail below to Mazhar, so I am sure that
he will pick this up himself and back to you.

Sorry I could not be more helpful. If you need anything else or need
any further information about the project, please do not hesitate to

Kind Regards,

-- Kais Dukes

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School of Computing
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From: mashhood[]
Sent: Thursday, February 04, 2010 7:11:14 AM
To: Kais Dukes

Dear Sir

I am working on a Quran which will be printed and delivered freely (nearly).

I need to know how you made colored words to make distinction among different 
parts of speech in same word. Kindly tell me software to make these images.

Second, kindly give me email of Mr Mazhar Anwar Nurani 
( He is from Pakistan and I am from 
Paksitan too, I need to consult his advise for my Quran publishing. Kindly give 
me his email, I would be thankful.

Third, I have your corpus download but it is in XML how can i view it like it 
is on your website.

kindly reply

yours --

Mashhood Akhtar

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