Salam Aliabbas,

Its great to know that you are interested in working on an ontology of
the Quran. In fact, the existing Quranic Ontology Project (as part of
the Quranic Arabic Corpus) is being developed for exactly one of the
reasons that you describe - for an eventual expert dialog system.
Instead of having lots of different ontologies, can I suggest that you
collobarate with the Quranic Ontology project, and help to extend the
work already in progress here:

Working together on this existing project together might allow for
quicker progress, especially as is already use
as a Quran research resource by thousands of frequent users - this
puts the existing Quran Ontology project under a lot of scrutiny. The
existing ontology currently has:

- 300 concepts
- 350 relations
- A list of all verses in the Quran which relate to each individual
ontology concept
- Encoded using predicate logic, to support machine inference and deduction
- Mappings from ontology concepts to Wikipedia pages (for nearly all concepts).
- A visual map showing relations between concepts, with easy navigation
- Plain english descriptions of ontology definitions and predicate relations
- Illustrations using images and photos (where applicable)
- Fully hyperlinked
- Machine readable (using KIF, the Knowledge Interchange Format)
- Named entity tagging: Over 6000 words in the Quran mapped to
concepts in the ontology
- An topic index of entities mentioned in the Quran
- All proper nouns (names) mentioned in the Quran are mapped to
ontology concepts

The plan is to extend this in size to possibly several thousand
concepts eventually. Instead of starting a new ontology, I suggest you
might consider working with this existing project to help build what
is already in progress. I think your idea of a chapter-by-chapter
approach is also interesting. I also like your idea of an extended
ontology to also include the hadith and other sources. This is
something I have considered myself, and is important if a dialog
expert system is to expected to have a deeper coverage of Islamic

Looking forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to reply to the
comp-quran group as well as myself (just hit reply all), since
hopefully this will allow us to discuss how to progress with the
existing Quran Ontology Project.


-- Kais Dukes

Language Research Group
School of Computing
University of Leeds - The Quranic Arabic Corpus - Computational Quranic Arabic discussion list

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> From: Aliabbas[]
> Sent: Tuesday, February 23, 2010 6:41:17 AM
> To: Kais Dukes
> Subject: Semantic Quran
> assalamalaykum,
> Respected sir ,
> I am a tech computer science student of pondicherry central university and I 
> am working on the development of an ontology of the noble quran as part of my 
> `semantic web and knowledge management ` course .the ontology is currently 
> under initial analysis stage .I would like your esteemed support in this 
> noble cause.I am planning to create an ontology per surah of the quran,a long 
> term goal of this project would be to enable expert systems to help answer 
> Islamic fiqh questions from the ontologies of both the quran tafseer and 
> authentic ahadith,hence assist the fuqaha  in making informed decisions 
> abiding islam. the ontology should be created keeping in mind that agent 
> applications would be using it to mine information from this treasure trove 
> of islamic knowledge .also it is required to index various islamic concepts 
> with careful annotation and linked refrences.
> Your suggestions and participation is highly needed to carry on with this big 
> project and we are doing this to create awareness about islam to both non 
> muslim and muslims alike which will help in erasing out the negative 
> stereotypes about muslims by presenting them the beauty of islam in a modern 
> way and make islam ready for the semantic web.we are doing this for the sake 
> of gaining pleasure of allah s.w.t. May allah accept our work.
> Also I would like the help of many other Muslim scientists to join this 
> project working in collaboration to achieve a high quality information 
> resource.
> Please send me an existing ontology\map of quran if you have already prepared 
> it.
> Jazakallah ,
> Aliabbas

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