assalam,please let me know why you have used kif ratther than owl,how will u 
accomodate your ontology for semantic web appsalso i have decided to build an 
ontology independently and then i would  share it with you so that you can 
merge it with yours ,it would add interesting perspectives to your ontology
i basically wanted this for dawah project so i was thinking of creating a 
seperate ontology for bible and other religious sources from an islamic 
perspective using quran as the furqaan(criteria).
so that questions like 
is jesus a prophet in bible??
can be answered from bible verses alsolike<< Matthew 21:11 >>The crowds 
answered, "This is Jesus, the prophet from Nazareth in Galilee."

also various dawah kits which are availaible on the internet can transformed 
into a comprehensive dawah specialized  ontology,which intelligent bots would 
use it to automatically reply in the chatrooms or atleast asist the islamic 

all these seperate ontologies can be always be  merged to  gain more 
insightsalso since this is very tedious work i would like it to make it a 
collaborative effort 
can u also suggest a online platform to collaboratively create ontologies.
and do reply

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