Salamu Alaykum Safiah,

It's great to hear that you have found the Quranic Arabic Corpus
useful. At the moment, there are two ongoing projects for grammatical
annotation. Each of these projects aims to build a machine-readable
database of annotation, which can then be searched.

1. Morphology. This will determine the correct part-of-speech for each
word (noun, verb, ...) as well as case endings and verb moods
(majroor, marfoo3, etc), together with many other morphological tags.

2. Syntactic Treebank. This will be the full i'raab for each verse in
the Quran, in a machine readable database, encoded using dependency

There are 77,430 words in the Quran. So far, the Morphology project
covers the entire Quran, but the Syntactic Treebank only covers about
11,000 words.

Syntactic Treebank:

If you want to perform a morphological search (e.g. part-of-speech),
you can use the morphological search page:

However, if as you indicate you need to perform a search for a
particular syntactic structure, then I am afraid that type of search
will only really be possible when the syntactic Treebank project
completes, and covers all verses of the Quran. Inshallah, this will be
later this year. Once the entre syntax of the Quran has been entered
into a structured database, this type of search will be possible.

I would be interested to know, what type of search did you have in
mind? Can you give an example? It still might be possible to do, it
depends on exactly what type of syntactic structure you are looking
for. Please feel free to reply to the mailing list

Kind Regards,

- Kais Dukes

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School of Computing
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> Hello,
> This is Safiah Madkhali from Saudi Arabia. Thanks to every one who shared in 
> the project o Qur'anic Arabic corpus. I would like whether it is possible in 
> using it to search a certain syntactic form in the whole Qur'an and how I can 
> do that.
> Thank you

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