I suggest changing 'ask a question about islam' to 'what do you want to
know from the Quran?' because this is in fact what you are providing to

Also, change the words Qur'ān and Islām to just Quran and Islam. People who are 
probably going to use this feature will have no clue what you mean by
the apostrophe and the dashes and Quran and Islam are also just the
actual English words used for both Arabic terms.

Hope this helps.

> Date: Thu, 4 Mar 2010 19:07:55 +0000
> Subject: Dialog System for the Quran - Update - Please Review
> From: dukes.k...@googlemail.com
> To: comp-quran@comp.leeds.ac.uk
> Hello,
> I've put together a draft front page showing how the dialog system
> might look like. Any feedback is welcome - please see the page here:
> http://labs.quran.com/answers
> Note that this page is non-functional (you can't actually ask any
> questions). But it does show what I had in mind for the front page, as
> well as the sort of questions I intend the system to cover. Any
> feedback on this idea (and the front page) is most welcome! Also
> welcome is any suggestions for a further (much longer) list of sample
> questions + answers.
> Kind Regards,
> - Kais Dukes
> Language Research Group
> School of Computing
> University of Leeds
> http://corpus.quran.com - The Quranic Arabic Corpus
> comp-quran@comp.leeds.ac.uk - Computational Quranic Arabic discussion list
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