We can for now go in our mail program filter options and set anything markes as 
coming from spam prevention qurantine service should go in our spam :)

From: Kais Dukes <dukes.k...@googlemail.com>
To: comp-quran@comp.leeds.ac.uk
Sent: Tue, March 23, 2010 5:35:53 AM
Subject: Quranic Arabic Corpus Mailing List - Too much Spam?

Hello Everybody,

Please accept my apologies for all these spam messages. Actually, I should 
point out that we are not actually receiving any spam as such, but 
notifications *about* spam. Spam itself is handled correctly and not shown to 
the list. The mailing list is hosted at the school of computing, University of 
Leeds. The only problem is that we need to stop notifying the members of list 
when spam is detected and quarantined. I am afraid that the mail server we are 
using does not support "advanced" options such as member-only posting :-) ... 
It is purely a forwarding mail address list.

There are two solutions:

(1) Stop spam *notification* (spam is already stopped). This should resolve the 
(2) Change the mail server (and mail address) to something else

I am going to investigate option (1) first... otherwise we can change the 
mailing list and move over to some other type of mail server, although this is 
more hassle, and not my preference because it will mess up the archive.

Please bare with me for a couple of days, I will contact support at the School 
of Computing,  University of Leeds, and try to get these notification messages 

Kind Regards,

-- Kais

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