Salam Qurat ul Ain,

You can download the part-of-speech and morphologically tagged Quran
here: Eventually, we plan to release
all data free under the GNU public license (together with terms of
use). However, at present, I am afraid that the Ontology is not
available for download as a data file, because it is still a
work-in-progress and is undergoing further verification and expansion.
See this thread for more information on this:

We expect to a release a larger ontology for download at a future
stage in the project. Right now, you can browse it online, and add
corrections or suggestions via the online message board.

Kind Regards,

-- Kais Dukes

School of Computing,
University of Leeds
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From: ainy qurat[]
Sent: Monday, March 29, 2010 11:35:48 AM
To: Kais Dukes
Subject: Ontology of Quranic Concepts - Needed

Assalam o Alaikum Sir,

I really appreciate your Quranic Arabic Corpus project. Its really an
awesome work, May Allah Rewards you much more than you expect from
Him! :)

I am Qurat ul Ain, student of FAST-NU Islamabad, Pakistan
I am doing my BS(CS). Learning Semantic Web Technologies and doing my
course project on it (intending to later extend it for my FYP insha
Allah). My project is  'Semantic Based Intelligent Search Engine for
Quranic Verses’ related Documents'. Quoting from my blog;
"This new semantic-base search engine will overcome the shortcomings
of traditional search engines. By combining
technologies of Semantic Web, Information Extraction (IE), Natural
Language Processing (NLP) and a novel theme-based
method, this framework will be able to extract factual knowledge from
Quranic Verses' related Documents automatically.
Instead of list of document links, results of user’s query returned
will be the semantically coherent reports generated intelligently,
which can satisfy users greatly."

I have seen your ontology on your site;
Masha Allah its one gem of a work. Though domain of both of ours
projects is the same i.e. Qur'an but this semantic based search engine
is different in a way that its related to whole Aayaats not the
individual words' analysis as you did. But of course this method will
also need to know about the synonyms and parts of speech of the words
which are implemented in your ontology. I would really appreciate if
you could send me your work so that i can re-use it, it will help me
in making the queries entered in the search engine more extensive and

I am here if you have any more queries regarding my work.

I would be really thankful to you for your kind help. Waiting for your response.


Qurat ul Ain

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