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I would be interested to know people's thoughts on this. Here is an
interesting thread I have copied and pasted from the Quran Arabic Corpus
message board (see:

What do you all think of this? Any good information / references on the
etymology for this?

Original Thread:

7th December, 2009
Isn't the root of Allah, alif-lam-ha, the same root as in: 2:163:2?
Mourad Diouri
7th April, 2010
Kais - I'd appreciate to know your thoughts and any credible research about
the etymology of the word Allah.
As far as I know there are two opinions:
1. It's derived from أله
2. It is not a contraction of الاله and is non-derivated word.
tufail ahmed
2nd September, 2010
salam,If ALLAH is not constraction of AL- ILAH then why most of translators
have translated as THE GOD?
2nd September, 2010
Also interesting when discussion the etymology here is the name of the false
pre-Islamic goddess "Al-lat"...

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