Now that this is mentioned, and just in case not many people have seen this,
there is another site that supports various types of visualizations:
ManyEyes <>. Last year I was
taking an information visualization class and I was playing with various
tools. I came across
of some of the Quran text. The site is easy to use, but
unfortunately it neither supports Arabic in real sense nor scales up that
well (for example, it was kind of difficult to get a bigger chunk of the
data used in 
plugged there.


--muhammad abdul-mageed,
Ph.D. student,
Computational Linguistics and
School of Library & Info. Science,
Indiana Univ., Bloomington

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> Wordle is a website for creating "word clouds", pictures to visualise
> a text by summarising the key words in a visual image. See:
> for example Wordle visualisations of the word-by-word Arabic-English
> translation of the Quran from
> Are such visualisations of use to anyone?
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