Mac Rescue 512Ke Upgrade Board ?

I have this Board I bought from LEM Swap (?) or eBay (?) quite some time ago. It is 
supposed to work
with the 512Ke, and upgrade to allow the 512Ke to run SCSI ?

On the side of board with chips is : "Mac Rescue, 1989 Computer Care, 04MRC"

There are 6 Memory chips, 3 on each side, of the board. I see no place to plug in any 
upgrade card
in the 512Ke, and no place for this board to plug in like an upgrade card does, but 
there is a
connecter with 26 pins on the board.

The Memory chips are installed at an angle just like the Classic II.

There is a cable that came with the board. It is a flat ribbon, with a blue wire on 
one side. It
plugs into the board. At the other end of the cable is a connecter with 25 holes. The 
connecter fits
a SCSI cable. The SCSI end of the ribbon is housed in a bracket that fits into where 
the battery
cover is on the 512Ke quite nicely, only just a little tight.

Is this board really for the 512Ke ? Or for another Mac ? If so, how do you install it 

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