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I'm looking for a large clock program that will fill the compact mac screen. This should run under System 6, and ideally will have clock digits about 2 inches high. It would also be nice to have the display float around a bit to prevent burn-in.

This is going to be used on a compact mac that will be sitting on top of the cross formed by the intersection of four cubicle walls. It

Options that haven't been mentioned yet are Eclipse and BlackWatch. Eclipse is my personal favourite for sentimental reasons and does a very decent job, but I can't remember from the top of my head how well you can customize it - so far for your 2 inch digits. BlackWatch (last version I know of is 1.5.5) adds password protection to the moving clock, no protection against a restart from floppy of course, but sufficient enough to deter the occasional snooper or prankster. The After Dark module mentioned by another poster is pretty customizable but the underlying engine is somewhat picky about system versions IIRC. If you can't find Eclipse or BlackWatch get back to me offline. BlackWatch needs a system-7-capable mac as the developer states which includes the Plus, but the capability to run under 6 is not specified. If the mac in question will have no other chores as to display the time, it will not matter if it runs 6 or some flavour of 7, anyway... Something that makes me wonder is your intention to put this MacWatch on the cross formed by four cubicle walls. Only the inhabitants of two cubicles will have a chance to read your watch as long as you don't put it on a motored rotating base. So what are your plans, precisely?

Have fun, OM

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