Sounds a bit like your boot directory got crazed.  If you can get ahold of
Diskwarrior, it will fix the drive.  I once had this occur on my old
Centris 650.  Used an older version of AOL Instant Messenger that crashed
and took out the boot directory on the hard drive.  Wound up nuking and
repaving the drive.  Happened a second time.  That time, I dropped the
drive into an old IIci that I had lying around.  That machine booted up.
Put the drive back into the 650, and it worked just fine thereafter.


>OK, this may be off topic but other than the PCI list its the only Mac
>list I am on that got any traffic
>Why would my IIci, when I fire it up show the Happy Mac then go to the
>dickette with the ? on it?

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