At 4:42 PM -0600 1/25/06, Stephen Conrad wrote:
OK, I tried to crack open one of my compacts {bottom stcker says its a
Plus, sticker on the front says its a SiClone (or something like this)
SE} and I can get the top to seperate but not the bottom.
I took out the two screws on the back (all that I could find) so what
do I do now?
The reason I want into this beast is that its got some mostly
horizontal lines on the screen and I wanna see if anything inside it
loose, etc.

Second machine. An SE that I know works as I have used it before. Last
night I briefly got a Happy Mac screen (with no KB plugged in) but it
hung there so I powered it down, plugged in the KB and now I get
nothing on the screen. Ideas?

On all compacts there are two screws inside the top handle and two screws on either side of the connectors on the back, at the bottom. On a Plus there is a fifth screw under the battery cover.
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