Date: Wed, 1 Feb 2006 21:54:06 +0100


I wan't to change the [EMAIL PROTECTED] to a [EMAIL PROTECTED] in my Performa 
The two Chip's are pin compatible and the P475 starts booting, but short
after Welcome-Message it stop's with "BUS-Error". I cannot boot from a
known good external Zip, the P475 ignores the drive. I did no
overclocking. The 68040 should run with 25 MHz.

Does the 68040-40MHz double the Bus-speed or external timer signal? Must I
use a 68040-25 or 33 MHz Version?

No, they should all be plug-in compatible. I've replaced 68040/40s with all manner of slower/older 68040 and 68LC040s and vice versa.

You may have bent one of more pins when you inserted it in the socket.

Have you tested the 40MHz chip in any other machine to make sure that it works properly?

BTW: Vintage Mac's merged with Compacts? Should I post to Vintage Mac's
from now on?

Quadlist, Vintage Macs and Compact Macs are now all one single list. The traffic on at least two of those was getting pretty thin.

Jeff Walther

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