Now that --with-default-plugins has gone in compiz 0.5.1 (git), I was
looking for an alternative.

Although I've personally been using ccp and am quite happy with the GUI
tools now (so it will probably become default in my packages), I was
still looking for a way to define the default plugins uses if a gconf
backend was used.

So I patched core.xml.in as follows:
--- a/metadata/core.xml.in
+++ b/metadata/core.xml.in
@@ -7,6 +7,23 @@
                <_short>Active Plugins</_short>
                <_long>List of currently active plugins</_long>
+               <default>
+                   <value>decoration</value>
+                   <value>png</value>
+                   <value>wobbly</value>
+                   <value>fade</value>
+                   <value>minimize</value>
+                   <value>cube</value>
+                   <value>rotate</value>
+                   <value>zoom</value>
+                   <value>scale</value>
+                   <value>move</value>
+                   <value>resize</value>
+                   <value>place</value>
+                   <value>switcher</value>
+                   <value>screenshot</value>
+                   <value>dbus</value>
+               </default>
            <option name="texture_filter" type="int">
                <_short>Texture Filter</_short>

This kinda worked but not quite!

All the plugins bar the first two are loaded fine (on a fresh user
account). So what happened to the first two?

I thought it may be a dependency issue but there are no errors in
.xsession-errors which would point to this.

So perhaps there is a bug that becauge glib and gconf are specified on
the command line, the first two options in the default list are
"swallowed up"?

If this is the case is the bug fixable easily? If so I can probably
patch if pointed in the right direction.

I guess the other option is to add glib and gconf to the top of the
list.... but how would this affect ccp? Would it disable gconf
automatically? Is there any benefit to having the glib plugin loaded
with ccp or does it just waste resources?

Thanks for your time :)


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