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You are hereby invited to a seminar in our twelfth interdisciplinary series
on Evolution, Complexity and Cognition <>
(ECCO 2017-2018)

Time: Friday April 20, 14h-16h

Place: *room * *D.1.07*, VUB

Art and Science: Exploring the Interface between Image and Spectator

Jonito Aerts

My presentation will recount the journey that I have followed in the course of
the last four years while working on my Bachelor and Master in visual art
and also constantly looking into the scientific aspects related to the
projects I realized. Starting from a study of resonance and its visual
representation, I passed through a period where my interest in the creation
of images led me to look to the zoetrope, which is a mechanism of moving
images, the precursor of film. Then I engaged in an investigation of
holography, and this raised my curiosity in the question that would become
the principle guide of my journey: “What is the nature of the interface
between image and spectator?”. An investigation from many different angles
with concrete experiments of the ‘positive afterimage’ would be the project
I devised to approach this question. Several of these experiments are
designed to give us an insight of the experience of a ‘positive afterimage’
by the participants. As a representation of this research I created
installations in which an approximation of this experience is visualized. A
next investigation of this interface was inspired by an analogy between
images and language.  The interface between texts and the reader-writer is
a domain of study by researchers of CLEA who construct quantum mathematical
models accounting for well-known and testable effects in this interface,
e.g. the guppy effect within the Pet-Fish problem. I applied the techniques
developed there to images and their content, and could show that a specific
set of inequalities, testing for quantum-like emergence, is violated. This
opens up the potential for a quantum mathematical modelling of this
interface between image and spectator.


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