> This was not tested in any formal way, but including the book does seem
> to increase the chance that the program will open with E5 (which I
> believe is the correct opening move on 9x9) ...

Just a side note, as I've spent a lot of time studying high-level 9x9
games. I've seen strong players win against other strong players
starting with any of the 6 plausible openings moves: 5,5;  5,4;  4,4;
5,3; 3,4; 3,3. When the pros switched form 5.5 to 6.5pt komi there were
more 4,4 openings played and fewer 5,5 openings. But this does not mean
that 4,4 is better than 5,5.

Anyway, my point was, it would be dangerous to think your program is
playing better because it starts choosing 5,5 more often. However,
choosing one of those six moves more than a first move on the 1st or 2nd
lines could probably be considered an improvement.


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