On 2/10/07, Łukasz Lew <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
On 2/10/07, Antoine de Maricourt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> If there is strong interest, I can post the scheme.
Please do.

Since Antoine claims there is only on solution I might as well post mine ;-)

mirroring: [abcdefgh] -> [hgfedcba]
rotation: [abcdefgh] -> [cdefghab]

This scheme follows trivially from dividing the square in 8 triangular
regions, and assigning each a letter. If you want to include color
symmetry you need to change the operators (xor doesn't work any more)
or increase the number of segments.


This is one out of the 3 possibilities that were left once we eliminated obvious defects (the ones the original proposal by Anti Huima suffered). However, if my analysis was right, this scheme was the one that introduces the biggest weakness in the key. That's why I didn't keep it.


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