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On Sun, Feb 04, 2007 at 02:13:33PM +0100, ?ukasz Lew wrote:
> Optimizing and refactoring became my hobby, but it's too absorbing :)
> It's time to add some features now.

Just one question: Is the gtp support sufficient to play against other
machines (if we ignore the rather trivial genmove code :-)? If not,
adding the missing commands, even as dummies, would be a help for
beginning programmers.
Yes it is.

Also, I notice that I can not use quarry (graphical interface for Go and
Try GoGui.

other games) to play against 'engine_opt'. Presumably it needs a few
more gtp commands implemented. I will look into this, because if I am to
write any sort of engine, I will want to be able to play agaist it. Will
make a good warming-up exercise.

Thanks again for a good, useful library. I have started to look into it,
and once I got aroundthe namespaces and short names within, it looks
reasonably clear. I will experiment with some ideas, and if anything
useful comes out of them, I let you know. If I run into obvious
improvements, I may even send a patch.

Thanks :)




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