-From "Re: So many MoGo run on cgos 9x9":
>greenpeep also uses patterns derived from 20000 UCT self-play games.
>These are simple local patterns with scores that (roughly) indicate
>the probability that the move at the center of the pattern was
>selected by UCT during these games.  These patterns are then used both
>to bias moves at UCT nodes which have few visits, and also to bias the
>playouts.  What I've seen is:
>- Biasing playouts by patterns is much better than unbiased playouts
>- Playouts using self-play patterns together with MoGo-style move
>  preferences (favor defensive moves and captures, as well as local
>  moves biased by the self-play patterns, before resorting to a global
>  move biased by patterns) yield much better results than just using
>  the patterns by themselves globally.

I am interested in this improvemnt.
Do you have any data to compare the performance of biased playouts
with MoGo-style one? (the winning rate against GNU Go, etc)
Also, how large and how many are your patterns?

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