Last December I held a "slow" bot tournament on full boards, see
The time limits were 12 hours each sudden death, so each game took a day and the five-round tournament ran from Monday through Friday (UTC).

I intend to hold such an event again sometime this month or next. I haven't fixed which week yet, and am open to persuasion. This event would be in addition to the regular monthly KGS bot tournaments to be held on November 11th and December 2nd.


I would also like to hold a KGS bot tournament with very fast time limits, maybe one minute total for 9x9, or two or three minutes for 13x13, or five minutes for 19x19. These might not be sudden death games (otherwise lag would be too important in deciding the result) but have one or two seconds a move of byo-yomi. Using byo-yomi means that some games may overrun the schedule and delay the whole tournament; but with very fast games, that is not important.

I have proposed this in the past, and people have kindly provided suggestions about how to run it. I thank them for this, and apologise for having forgotten it. If they would like to repeat these suggestions, or anyone would like to offer any, I will take notice of them.

A likely date for this event is Sunday December 9th.

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