> >Can you tell us the rules of the game? Maybe they help to explain the 
> >phenomenon. 
> The game is https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/149910/six-making

Thanks. It might be an interesting test-stone for
MCTS procedures.
> The most unusual thing I see in the UCT tree is that at all the moves
> seem to be evaluated about the same, right up to the point where wins 
> start appearing; so the UCT tree is unusually uniform.  The typical
> branch factor is 40 or so, and all 40 moves tend to be have about the
> same number of visits and win rate...

> It's not a practical problem either, since the robot is devastatingly
> good compared to human players, even with very short time.

And even in longtime mode the bot is better?!
> If possible, make a PDF of your paper available.

Sorry, we transfered the copyright to Springer.
You will get a private mail from me ...

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